Being contacted by spirit on vacation

So I am literally on vacation in Bath,England. This image is one that I love as it was taken in these beautiful historic baths that date back to the Roman era. Yes Roman in England. These baths were told to have healing properties and the rich would journey to this area to partake of their healing abilities. It was a big summer resort for upper class.

So imagine my surprise when I touch the column and I get an image of the world in full color and a woman is speaking to me. She told me her name and a few other things. I was very shocked by this contact. Being skeptical as I am and realizing I had a few glasses of wine at lunch an hour ago I asked for proof. I asked her to tell me my friends mother’s name (who I was traveling with). I honestly did not recall if my friend ever told me her mother first name but if she did I forgot. So this would be my proof (to myself) that this was indeed happening. So a name was given to me and the conversation ended and we went back to the tour bus.

Now at this point my friend is in the middle of a story about something and I literally blurt out “Is your mother’s name Laura”? My friend was kind of taken back but this but went with it. She said no but my Aunt (her mother’s sister) name is Laura.

Here is the thing about spirits they give you the information the way they chose to not the way it is asked. So my proof was received loud and clear. I did connect with a roman spirit from a prior time period. The rest of my trip consisted of me touching as many statues as I could hoping for another hit.

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