Business envy/jealousy – What to do about it.

We are in an era where everyone is rocking it online with their online business. Every time you turn into your news feed you note that someone (not you) just earned six figures in a short period of time. Every time you see that you start to also see red and start calling it a scam or a hoax. Anything you can thing of but you will not call it the truth.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying that everyone is successful for their are some not so truthful stories but their are very accurate ones as well. People are earning a successful income online so before you shake your head think about this.. For those that are saying they earned six figures in a day, they neglect to share with you the months of effort leading up to that day of sales. The ads/promotion/webinars/affilate connections etc.. They did not just push a button and the money magically fell into their account. Two stories that come to mind have always inspired me.

The first explorers to climb Mount Everest, so many people had tried before and failed. As a result no one thought it could be done sucessfully. Same with Roger Bannister first person to run a four¬†minute mile. Both of these accomplishments were considered to be a myth until someone did it. Same thing with the internet entrepreneurs people are doing it so why can’t you?

Next time you are reading a story and feel a semblance of jealousy turn that around and turn it into inspiration. How can you use this story to start your own business? How can that be your inspiration? What can you do today that your tomorrow self will thank you for?

Let’s get inspired and contact me to learn about my 90 day business bootcamp.

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