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So many people go into business to make money. Now don’t get me wrong money is amazing and its a motivator but its not the only thing. I started my business for the freedom it allows me (which you can counter that is the same as money) but I also did it for the joy it brings me. I can and have worked all day long on my business and if I did not need sleep I would probably continue because I love what I do.

I love helping people. This is my zone of genius. I can and have spoken to people about their business all day and love doing it. It brings me joy to see my clients thrive and create the business and life they were meant to have rather than be a drone going to the same job that they despise. I love helping them succeed. This truly makes me happy. The money is the bonus.


Even when I have clients working a fulltime job and creating a business on the side this gives them the hope that their job is for now and not forever. They have options and exit strategy that they may not have felt they had before.

The reason why I am saying this is soo many people get inspired to create a business primarily for the purpose of making money. One thing they will note it that is a short term prospect. Entrepreneurs who build a business focused on money, will quickly find themselves  not actually feel motivated or inspired to run their business. After a while regardless of how much money you are making for your efforts you will feel burnt out and exhausted. In some instances trapped.  Whereas if you were doing something you loved and were passionate about the amount of time you spent on it would not feel like work. That is the difference.

Figure out your passion and find a way to monetize it.  If you are looking for help in this regard contact me for a free 20 minute consultation.

Let’s get you on the road to creating the business and life you love..

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