Lessons learned from watching “The Big Short”

I just spent Friday night working and watching “the big short”. If you have not seen this movie go on netflix now or amazon and rent/buy etc.. SOO incredibly valuable to understand what happened during the housing market but in a very comprehensive way.

One thing that this movie flagged for me is how so many people are like sheep. Following the herd but never stepping out of line and leading their own tribe. In this movie a few very small few saw this coming the housing bubble. But because the majority of Wall Street was making money on the stocks sold as a result of insurance (mortages/mortgage insurance etc). They did not want to hear this information. Even when the evidence was staring them in their face they chose to turn the other cheek.

Which brings me to why some entrepreneurs are in the same boat. We are more apt to follow the herd and do what someone else has done to start our own business. Or even start a business just like theirs. The problem is this is not your passion. You are not interested in their business but the money they may have made in their business. Where they started their business based upon passion you are starting your business based upon your love of money & success, of which these are not driving factors. You sign up for a course realizing this doesn’t feel like your wheelhouse or your area of excellence and you quit (and the pattern repeats itself).

Now don’t get me wrong I am not here to say you cannot be successful as an entrepreneur, oh no that is not my point. You will be successful when you find your zone of genius the thing that makes you special/unique and the talent that you are good at. Something you have and you don’t even realize. You are a diamond in the rough that just needs to be polished. Here is why my business reading will be perfect for you.

I tapp in an tell you what I see regarding your business skills/talent as well as where I see your business going. We spent an hour mapping out your business and not only do you walk away motivate/inspired and in love with your business ideas/goals. You are no longer following the herd but leading your own tribe and shining as a result.

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