Letting you in on my dirty little secret. Don’t tell anyone..

Ok I admit I can be a tad bit of a drama queen every now and then. Ok my dirty little secret is very clean. Squeaky in fact. One thing about me is I love people. I love connecting and frankly it never feels like work to me. Its like meeting a new friend.  So my secret is I have partnered with airbnb and have put together coffee with a psychic. Its actually quite fun. Normally the group of three people in which they get to ask me as many question as they would like for an hour session.

We sit and get comfy over a cup of coffee. I have had groups of up to seven people. It actually a wonderful way to connect live. As a psychic and clairvoyant I use my gift in my coaching business connecting with clients from all over the world via Skye or the phone (and even calls via facebook). So its a real treasure for me to connect with more clients from around the world in person. I have had clients who don’t speak English but bring an interpreter. Some times the interpreter gets so engrossed in my answer they are forgetting to translate. Its quite funny to see the person awaiting the info while the translator is digesting what I am saying and forgetting to do so..

So if you are planning on being in the NY area or are currently in the New York area. Come and have coffee with me and get your questions asked. How lovely would it be to have a cup of coffee/tea or even hot cocoa and relax and get your psychic reading?



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