Stress and the Mind/Body connection

10 years ago I was a senior executive in the fashion industry. I traveled to the Far East and domestically which I loved. Any free trip that included shopping..

I would get up early to answer emails or go home late and be back on the phone/laptop. The times I decided not to answer and take a night off was deemed as “Tanya being unavailable”. Which was not a good thing.. We were very much martys when it came to work.

Then the proverbial “ish” hit the fan.. I can back from a trip not feeling well., it was a vacation in Germany. I took showers steaming hot (which I love) only to feel like needles were on my skin.. I said nothing to my family who I was visiting..

I come back home and it got worse., I was in an office having a conversation while holding mug of coffee. The coffee cup fell out of my hands and I never felt it move. Until the coffee splashed on my foot did I realize it  (the cup) was not still in my hand. It literally fell and I did not feel it leave my hand. It still felt as if it was in my hand. This just progressed to numb hand and sharp pains in my back.,

Multiple doctor visits later and one emergency room visit where I cried on cue until I get the name of a doctor who could possible help me. The crying was not hard because the emergency room doctor said it could be multiple scherosis! That brought out the tears..

Multiple pills/MRI’s and doctors and finally one who was able to diagnose my issue.. Pinched nerve and herniated disc in an area that gives off symptoms of ms.

Years later when I stopped working at such a high pressure job and was freelancing. I realized my attitude was extremely different. I treated each day like a vacation. I smiled everyday and everyone wanted to be around me. In my old job I was miserable and cranky. I went from a grump to a ray of sunshine.

I always have the back pains depending upon what I am doing. I still jog and work out and it bothers me when I do dumb things like move my furniture. But my stress level is so low because I am doing what I love. My clients are amazing.  I approach each day like a vacation (though I love taking vacations).

My medical issues were aggravated by my stress level. I have a high pain threshold so my body had to do something to get my attention.. My goal is to never force my body to try to get my attention like that again.

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