My name is Tanya Brown and I am a psychic and clarivoyant

As a psychic my spiritual guides feed me information which guide my readings. As a clairvoyant I see images like a movie playing in my head. This is my “New Normal”. For years I had dreams that came true. I was flying to Hong Kong in a week for business years ago and I woke up in the middle of the night knowing my passport was expired. Why? Because my dream told me so. I went to my draw and saw that my dream was accurate. I have had dreams of promotions from companies that I worked for and the dream played out in real life “verbatim”. Clothes.. Scenery.. Dialogue.. Everything accurate. Did I think I was psychic then? Nope I thought I was just lucky and I was a coincidence.

I even took tarot card classes for fun years ago and was hired for a PR event and every reading I did was accurate. Yet I still did not think it was anything other than coincidence. Yes I was not my biggest fan. My turning point was going to an event and doing an impromptu reading on a stranger which made me a believer. That and the fact that I took that as a sign to do more readings which further proved my accuracy.

When I opened the door to my gift of being a psychic & clairvoyant I started to remember other things.. Specifically my first connection to my grandmother.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” ― Bob Samples

As a child she came to visit me in my bedroom to let me know she was watching over me and has been ever since.  Now I know to some this may sound strange but to me this is normal. 

I get information for my readings on clients that I have no way of knowing other than thru my spirit guides. The clairvoyance “the seeing’ plays out like a movie in my head. Its like being in the theatre and the lights dim and the curtain opens and you don’t know what to expect (I never do). It’s a fun journey every time a gift in which I am truly grateful that I get to share with the world. Unlike those psychics on TV (love those shows btw) I do not run up to strangers and give them information although once with a masseuse I was almost moved to do so.

Now you have always wanted to get a psychic reading but.. That was the key word “But”. What if they are not accurate? What if it’s a scam?  You watch those fun shows on television (you know which ones I am referring to). The lovely psychic gentleman and lady who (on these TV hows) ,  go about their day and stops a stranger to tell them that their deceased mom or dad etc has a message for them? You know those shows? Well this is not that kind of psychic.

“The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it Intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why.” ― Albert Einstein

BecomingaClairvoyantbWant to learn how to I became a clairvoyant?

Read my story here…


I am a psychic and clairvoyant.  You are probably saying to yourself what is the difference. A psychic has a knowing. We get the answers to questions without any tangible facts (when it comes to psychic readings there are no facts of a scientific nature).  A clairvoyant I see. My spirit guides share information thru pictures. Its like watching a movie in my head.  Me and my psychic posse (that is what I call my guides as it’s a group of them). They help me connect and bring you the answers you need to know to help you on your spiritual journey!

When I do a reading I “tap” into my client’s energy.  The information is like a download thru both the psychic “knowing” as well as the clairvoyant “seeing”.  Each reading is different and I never know what to expect.

You have questions regarding Love? Questions regarding your career or business? Well you are in the right place! Check out my testimonials to see what others have said about my psychic readings.  If you are a newbie to getting a reading? Check out my periscope special. $25 for a question. As my any question you want answers to and you will receive an email answer.

To learn more about readings with me and to hear about other client experiences click here.

What people are saying

  • Tanya has a lovely confidant and casual manner that made me feel comfortable and at ease. She managed to find something left of field to consider at a time when I thought all hope had gone in my relationship and taking on her suggestion helped me move to a sense of relief and it really helped

    Sally Lakshmi Thurley
    Sally Lakshmi Thurley
  • Working with Tanya was like receiving a breath of fresh air. I was feeling stuck in trying to nail down my niche. Stagnant would be a better description; nothing I tried was flowing. One idea after another but not feeling any of it. Anyway, Tanya helped me to see what was right under my nose all along! She even mentioned other ideas I could incorporate…things I was already trying to include in my business, that I had not yet mentioned to her. I received lots of clarity from working with Tanya. She helped me to clarify and tighten my niche and she also confirmed that the ideas I was wanting to implement were right on point. Love and Light.

     Sophia Rosenthal
    Sophia Rosenthal
  • Speaking with Tanya was like talking to a friend who totally “gets you” your business concept and helps you look at it from angles you never considered on your own. It’s so great learning some else’s perspective which helps getting out of your own head.

    Marla McDermott
    Marla McDermottChief Experience Officer
  • Hi Woos! Just wanted to mention that I had a reading with Tanya Brown and it was amazing. She was tapped in and ready to explain what I was experiencing even before we started our session. Her guidance was spot on and exactly what I needed to hear… Lots of clarity and a big sigh of relief in just 20 minutes. Highly recommend a session with her. Big Hugs Tanya! xoxo

    Denise Simone
    Denise Simone
  • Tanya is a multidimensional powerhouse. Every time I think I’ve seen all of her superpowers, she shows up with a new one. One of her greatest gifts to me time and again has been her crystal clear clairvoyance. Her confidence is arresting–and cleansing. She delivers guidance like a laser, going straight to the heart of the issue and clearing away all the messy confusion. She’s amazing on so many levels–and her business smarts just don’t stop–but for me personally, I’m in love with her ability to get you right on target and clear out all the drain from doubt and distractions.

    Julie Sergel
    Julie Sergel
  • “I LOVED my session with Tanya! She is a practical intuitive, highly resourceful, and insightful in a way that does not bow to my need to hear what I want to hear. Tanya offered me ideas to expand my business while guiding me to focus on my strengths. I value her expertise plus she is an absolute pleasure to work with.”

    Elizabeth Harper 
    Elizabeth Harper Metaphysical Artist, Color Clairvoyant, Author
  • I’m calling into the light the lovely and beautiful Miss Tanya Brown. One session with her, and things became so crystal clear at a time when I was feeling stuck. She offered on point strategy for my business in such a loving way.

     Michelle Matthews
     Michelle Matthews
  • Just got off the phone with an intuitive session with Tanya Brown and – WOW! Super impressed by her ability to align with a situation I’m facing and provide clear and enlightened insight. Plus she brought up something that was spot-on about my situation that no one else would have known. Thank you!!!

    Christina Caudill
    Christina Caudill
  • A shout out to Tanya Brown for her insight on my guy / business situation … Great advice Tanya!! I’ll be the better guided for it and will keep you posted. Big Love

    Cydney Mar
    Cydney Mar
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