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I was born many many years ago. Only kidding.. I hate talking about age so I won’t proceed to do so now. Plus it’s irrelevant for the purpose of this conversation…

When I was 7 or 8 years old my grandmother paid me a visit. I was lying in my bed and was in the stage between being awake and asleep. I felt a presence in my room and also felt a weight at the foot of the bed (as someone would when they sit on it). As I started to feel afraid I heard “its okay I am your grandmother”.

I remember two things very strongly. One when I opened my eyes there was no one there and two the voice was said in my head and not aloud.

Teenage years I always have voices in my head directing me and guiding me. It was like having an additional parental figure. Telling me what to do. At that age it reminded me of a cartoon figure. You had the good angel on the left and the devil on the right. I was only visited by the Angel telling me what to do (for the devil never paid a visit).  Kind of bummed about that as I was a good kid I overall (could have used a bit of mischief in my life).

As an adult I would have dreams that came true (still do).  These dreams were more real and were very specific. It would show me exactly the location and verbatim the conversation word for word (regardless of how boring).  Oh and did I mention there was a time limit on this? It would happen within a 7 day time period. So of course I was always anxious to see this transpire and no it never let me down. It always came to pass.

As an adult I always pushed this off as “lucky” or a “coincidence” I never embraced this as truth or had faith that it was anything more than an interesting coincidence. What changed my mind? Past life regression! I always believed in the concept of past lives and a friend gave me a few books (ok she lent me a few book I think I returned them or hopefully she forgot). My being able to connect at a past life regression event and do a reading via psychometry (the energy you get from the person whose item you are holding).  This changed my life.

I went on to do readings for strangers (friends of friends). I went in blind having no information about them prior to doing a reading.  Being able to tap in and do readings with such accuracy and consistency was frankly a gift that I embraced. Each testimonial/feedback received bolstered my resolve. It wasn’t luck.. it wasn’t a coincidence. I could not make this stuff up.. I was in fact a clairvoyant as I see things in the form of images/movies and psychic as I hear things (my guides speak to me).

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