Are you running your business with fear?

Going thru the motions but still afraid to come out of the shadows and proudly proclaim yourself to be the entrepreneur you want to be?

On the outside you appear confident on the inside you are just a bowl of jello. You way you want the clients and business but you are frankly afraid to receive them. This is the message you inadvertently give out. Your mouth says yes but your body and mind say NO (very  loudly).  Its a push and pull game where you constantly juggle the two and wonder why you have not gotten further than you have.

Its like a driver moving in circles and wondering why they never get to their destination. The driver is intent on getting there but here is not making the moves that are needed to go where he needs to go. Sound familiar? You are doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results? This is what its like to run a business with fear. 

How to you get out of it? Changing your mind and you will change your business. Join me for a free 30 minute phone call where we get to the heart of your business and discuss how we can “flip the script”

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