Major learnings from Quarantine – Finding your happiness

If you are like me and I think you are.. You are very self reflective. I know we are still going through the affect of the virus so we are not normal more like “normal ish”. That being said its a struggle to get back to your normal behavior.  Case in point we were looking at a vacation in the past week and I realized I am not good with last minute stuff. I am ok with long range planning or even six weeks planning. But a week??! Nope cannot do..  But that is ok. We ended up doing a staycation and here is the thing that I discovered I control my happiness, and frankly I have been doing a great job of it..

I fell back in love with NYC. Truly in love with NYC.  I love the crowds the sights and all it has to offer.  But this brings me back to happiness..  One of the things I did pre covid was I am a huge believer in getting rid of things that do not bring me joy. Yup I was doing a “Marie Kondo” before she even talked about it..

The thing is when you realize YOU are in control of your happiness, that is truly a game changer. Your happiness is not subject to anyone elses behavior. It comes from inside of you. Now to help you get back onto your happiness track here are a few videos to help you get started..

A quick video to help change your mood

Now that you have that going lets focus on not only set boundaries for your optimum mental health.

Discover how to set boundaries

Now before you go remember I am working on a new program which encompasses mindset/manifestation/spirituality and more.. I would love to discuss with you if you are interested in manifestation message me for details..

Til next time..


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