My life as a psychic – My dreams come true

Being a psychic and clairvoyant my life is truly exciting. I never go into a reading with expectations as every reading is different and I never have any idea what information I will receive.  That being said I have the craziest dreams.

See my dreams can be your regular run of the  mill dreams or they have a different feel to them. It feels like watching a movie but one that I know will play out. One time when I was freelancing I had a dream about work. I was at the office and walked by the Vice President’s office.  I was in the hallway when I caught his eye and he asked me to come in. He mentioned that he was talking about me earlier and wanted to offer me a position in another department once my contract was up.

Now I thought nothing of this particular dream but the feeling that I had with this dream did not go away. Now within two weeks time I was walking by the Vice President’s office when he called me into his office. He mentioned that he was just talking about me and wanted to know if I was interested in continuing to work for the company after my contract was up. I literally had a deja vu moment feeling like I was looking down on this conversation and not currently a part of it.

I have had more dreams since this time that actually came to pass. I will share them with you from time to time. I was speaking to a psychic friend the other day telling her this and she too has very interesting dreams but she remarked that we both dream differently.

One of the things I learned was many have the gift of clairvoyance/psychic etc but it differs from each person. No two are alike. I initially thought my gift should be exactly like those I saw on television. I thought in order to be a psychic I need to be able to walk down the street and get immediate hits from spirits about random people.  Like I saw on television only for me it doesn’t work that way. I can get a hit from the masseuse when giving me a massage. I can get a knowing from a waiter when taking my order. Its always different and never the same.

In any event psychic/mediums/clairvoyants are like snowflakes everyone is different!


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