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was talking to one of my mentoring clients. In addition to my business deep dive sessions I have clients that I work with for longer periods of time to help guide them on achieving their business goals. These programs vary from 90 days to yearly mentoring depending upon clients and their needs for support.

So today I was speaking with one of my clients who is creating a jewelry line. As you are aware in addition to my business coaching using my psychic and clairvoyant gift I also design a line of jewelry (as well as help clients create the fashion line of their dreams). If you are not familiar feel free to check out my book on amazon 

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​​So we were talking about her business are how she is increasing her profits this year. We did a deep dive into her jewelry costs and are sourcing new vendors for a few designs that she is working on. In addition to that we were discussing other ways she can increase her revenue. 

This is where I take you behind the scenes of my business. Every quarter I look at the number in my business. Where is the income coming from. I have daily client calls. I have income from my books. I also have group events (which are currently on hold but will be coming back).  

So when I looked at my numbers in December I found that I had an increase of 400% (no that is not a typo), in one area of my business that I do for fun as it gives me soo much joy.  Here is the thing being an entrepreneur can be a lonely situation. I have been fortunate enough to have a business that connects me with amazing men and woman from all around the world. Some of whom are not only clients but good friends. 

This never feels like work for me. Its truly fun and enjoyable. I can and have done this all day long and have not been exhausted (until my head hit the pillow). 

My point is be motivated by what you do and your motivation should never be money. I love money don’t get me wrong but it doesn’t motivate me in regards to working with clients. I love what I do and I love helping people, That is my motivation.

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