Don’t let Fear stop you from pursuing your dreams.

i was afraid to start my business. But I did.

I was nervous to do speaking events. But I did them.

I was paralyzed to do my first psychic reading. But I did it anyway.

I was scared to write my first book. But I published it within six months.


I can go on about all the things that I am afraid of but what I fear the most? It’s fear standing on the way of what I truly desire. My big fear is going thru life with regrets! I would rather try and fail then never try at all.. This I fear most of all..

My goal for you is to look fear in the eye and do the one thing that you are fearful of. It can seem trivi al or it can be huge. Take back your power. Let your fear know that they are not the boss of you!


What is your fear??!!


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