My journey as a psychic intuitive business coach

I wanted to share my story of my business journey. When I decided I wanted to be an entrepreneur I took so many classes to figure out what I wanted to do. Now bear in mind everything in life happens for a reason (I believe). So when I looked back on my entrepreneurial journey I saw an interesting pattern.

My initial idea was to start a bath and candle line. I tried very unsuccessfully to find candle or soap making classes in NYC. In all my research I did not find a thing BUT I decided to take a tarot card reading class instead. Yup makes perfect sense right (and I am sure you see my insane correlation)??! I love getting psychic readings and all things tarot so why not learn how to do my own tarot card reading! So I show up with a friend at class and a bottle of wine (very informal class btw). For this six or eight week class we are having fun and the teacher and other students (my friend and another gal) are telling me that I was a natural. Even my friends were loving my reading which they claim were accurate but they are friends I did not take them at all seriously.

So I decided to place an ad in Craig’s List for free tarot readings. Just for fun and so I could test my skill. Frankly I forgot about the ad I placed until I was contacted by a West Coast PR company who wanted to hire me for a PR event that they were doing at a very upscale NYC hotel. I saw Matt Lauer in the elevator as well as one of the presidential candidates and his body guard (who I may add hip checked me because I got to close). Chic was tough.. Anyway during this event as they were setting up one lady looked at me and say “why not” and sat her butt in the chair to get a reading. I just told her what I saw about her business. The conflicts she was currently going thru and the challenges that were coming her way. I remember just looking at the cards and not at her. So when I looked up she had a shocked look on her face and told me that everything makes sense and started to ramble on about her business and life. Turns out this event was for her! After that reading I was reading non stop and all the feedback was positive. Again I did not read anything into this.

I later decided to start my jewelry line (having given up trying to make soaps/candles). I took a lot of jewelry making classes. Once I understood and could make samples I then found factories to produce my line. Thru that my fashion consulting business was born. Mostly thru word of mouth for those looking to create their own fashion line. Things were uneventful until I went to a past life regression event.

If you are not familiar with Brian Weiss google him (he was on Oprah). I love how Oprah gives people credentials but he is amazing. I am fascinated by all things spiritual and was intensely curious about my past lives. I had no expectations about seeing anything. As a matter of fact I was confident that I would not see anything but have an enjoyable time hearing his stories. Why? Because up until that event I was never able to mediate. But in a room filled with hundreds of people when he took us thru a meditation I literally saw a whole new world.. Literally.. I went thru two past life regressions with a clear understanding of who I was in those lifetimes as well as when/where I was..

This is where I come full circle. During the event we did psychometry. This is when you do a reading based upon energy an object holds. I won’t bore you with the details but the minute I held onto an item this stranger gave me. I knew who gave it to her. I saw her as a child on the beach with her dog. Well I was in shock. I thought I made this up. But how?? Where would I get this info? So when the light came on I told her. The pendant you gave me is from your mother. I describe her as a child on the beach with her dog and she just broke down crying. She said that was my mother who died and how many years ago. The beach house is their summer home that they went to for years. The dog’s name.. I was stunned..

I later went on to read more strangers at a later date to test my gift. But I realized the other day that if it wasn’t for my not finding a soap/candle making class who knows when I would have figured out my talent/gift. My psychic posse (its a bunch of them) already say I don’t listen now. I would not have paid attention then to the voice in my head. Point of my long story and thank you for indulging me is that life is jouney. We are always where we are supposed to be and there are no mistakes.. So today I am a psychic intuitive business coach and I really love what I do. If you told me five years ago this would be me I would have laughed at you..

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