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I need your help. I am working on a new project that i feel you can help me in regards to my research. Here is the thing I have noticed. So many of my clients come to me after purchasing other programs and finding that its not working for them. Don’t get me wrong the thing that I found lacking was not in the actual program they had previously purchased but in their mindset. A good percentage of their success therafer when working with me was due to the tremedous amount of work we did on their mindset.
Now the stories that we uncovered. The stories they were told as children, that they believed to be true growing up. This compounded by their being raised by one or more toxic parents some of which had substance abuse issues. I am sharing this with you because I am putting together such a progam and would love to speak to you if this sounds like you.
Its about the baggage we carry into adulthool and thei messages to your inner self. The process of forgiving oneself as well as learning how to let go of the past to not affect your future.
This is a free 30 minute call. Would love to discuss with you.
If intereted in having a free chat please email me at so we can schedule a call.
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