What are you waiting for? Nothing but excuses….

All my business life I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to be this huge boss running my own business. In total control of my income and personal freedom.  When it came to aspects of my business I always had an excuse. Here is the thing that my friends and family would say to you “that is not true, Tanya is the most fearless woman I know”..

My truth is that they are very true. I do go for what I want but I do have a tendency to hold myself back.  Its that upper limit problem. I have said this before but we all have a certain thermostat when it comes to being comfortable. When something like a certain level of success happens all of a sudden we don’t feel comfortable and our uncconcious mind starts to work against us. Until you realize that is exactly what is happening.

See I realized this past Summer that everything I had achieved in my business in terms of success I personally did not realize was possible for me.  This goes from representation as I did not until recently see people who looked like myself out in the entrepreneurial space doing their thing and thriving.. I shared the story of how during the height of quaratine I decided I was going to have a fully booked calendar and within two weeks I did.

So my question to you who is looking to create a business or take their business to the next level is.. What are you waiting for?  Book a call with me to get that ball rolling..

Here is how I got started..


Here is how I am doing..


Let’s talk. To book a call email us at info@laurenstjulian.com to book a session..

Til next time..



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