Set your own business course.. Don’t be a mini me.

When I first started in business. I looked online for support/mentors. Funny thing was their stories never truly jived. They could go from being broke/homeless when they first started to using their tax refund to getting their business off the ground.

They would tell stories of how they make 10k in their first month but then never really give you the details of how they made 10k. A friend and I would have fun being a super sleuth finding the real story. Sometimes we would check out a website six months later and find the domain name no longer in use. This from a gal “making six figures consistently”.

At the end of the day I realized not every story is the truth. Some entrepreneur stories are fairy tales and not with a happy ending. This is why I feel that each entrepreneur’s journey is different. Trying to model one persons success does not equate your success. Also they may show you the roses but never share the thorns.. There is always more to the story.

Hence this is why you should write your own story. Follow your own path and know that your path is original and most imporantly real…

Cheers to your journey!

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