Looking for clarity and answers?

Looking for clarity  and answers?

I am a psychic who offerers not only psychic readings but business coaching.

You are an entrepreneur who feels that they are in a creative cul de sac. Circling the same projects and offering over and over but never making any headway. Not only do you second guess yourself but you end up playing the comparison game with other entrepreneurs wondering why your business is not further along than it is.

You have so many amazing ideas but you are almost paralized trying to figure out what to do next. You need a business coach that is not going to give you trite statements of general things you should or would be doing but actual step by step plan of what you need to do.

You are wondering about your love live which resembles something similar to the Mohave desert. Dry and barren and you are wondering if and when you are going to see any water (so to speak). 

Your job has been at a complete standstill. It almost feels like that movie Ground Hog’s day, for every day is just a repeat of the prior day (just with an outfit change ok sometimes).

You need more.. You want more.. You need answers and guidance and frankly this is where I can help.

My name is Tanya and I have been doing psychic readings for years and I would love to help you. It all started when I was a young girl age 7 or 8. I was lying in my bed in my old bedroom. I can see the small twin bed in my minds eye now. I felt the weight of the bed dip and felt a presence in the room. The moment I started to get nervous I heard “its okay, I am your grandmother”. I started to open my eyes and noticed two things:

One there was noone there

Two the words were not spoken aloud

This was the first visit that I can recall from my grandmother. Years later before I actually embraced my gift of a psychic I was told many times by psychics that the spirit of my grandmother was watching over me.  Now bear in mind I forgot about the original visit and I may have been named after my grandmother as she died the year I was born, I never met her. So testing this theory I decided to put this connection to use.

In college and right my roomates would make fun of me because I was known for losing things or forgetting things. I would leave the room/apt and come back a multitude of times. They would stand and count. So one day in my own apt (sans roomates) I said aloud “Grandma if you are watching over me, Please help me find my keys”. There were where I was already looking but did not see them previously. I have done other examples and test with my grandmother who helps me find things (as well as gives me messages). 

Let’s get this party started and contact me to schedule an appointment.


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