Tapping into your intuition tips

First and foremost whether you are psychic/clairvoyant etc WE ALL have spirit guides. We get messages all the time we just don’t always pay attention. That being said how can you tap into your intuition for guidance?

Two easy DIY ways

Meditation allows you to clear your mind and focus. Once you start meditating you can ask questions of your guides and get clear answers. How many times have you felt strongly about doing something but you second-guessed yourself?  Only to realize later in retrospect you were right the first place.  Ask questions of your guides when you are in a meditative state. Focused and alert/listening.

Another way is to wait until you are ready for bed. When you are in a sleep state you are more open to suggestion and more apt to listen as your ego is not blocking it. Ask a question before you go to bed and you will be surprised with the answers that come thru either thru a dream or just during your awake state.

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