How to tap into your intuition for business

Tips from a psychic/clairvoyant on how to tap into your intuition. A few things happens without fail anytime I am at any business networking event or any gathering in which I am asked about my business. First I get the skeptic who will proudly state that they do not believe in that sort of thing BUT proceed to tell me about a paranormal/mystical situation that occurred to them. While they are recanting this story they will be glued to my side for the remainder of the event. Oh make sure to get my contact information before I leave.

The second one thing they will most likely do is ask me what I see in their future. Basically wanting a free reading. I know you watch tv and see certain celebrity psychics who just happen to walk down the street and stop strangers share messages from deceased relatives. No that is not me. See I am psychic which is I hear messages in my head. The other day I needed to call my stylist to book a haircut. I could not remember the number but my guides gave me the number. Seriously I cannot tell you what my land line number is at home but the information was clearly conveyed to me from my guides. Also I am clairvoyant I see things in a picture form. So when I do readings I stop and focus on the person I am reading and allow the information to come to me. Its like dialing a phone number and you are never certain that the person is home. Also you never know what they are going to say. This is what readings are like for me.

Now I have never met a doctor at any social gathering and asked for free medical advice. I know people do it but that is not my style. Before you ask I am not comparing myself to a medical doctor but just giving you an example.

Next they want to know how to tap into their own intuition. They don’t ask this question out right but skirt the question. It’s usually phrased as ” I am thinking about taking this job? What are your thoughts?” Or we put a bid on on a house and are waiting to hear back? Any feeling on if we will get it?” Questions phrased along those lines which invariably brings me back to how the average person doesn’t trust their own instincts or tries to connect with their their intuition.

The problem most have is the separation between ego and subconscious. We are primarily in our ego that we don’t take it out of the equation.

When faced with a question first thing you should do is take your ego out of the conversation. How? Thru clearing your mind as if you are meditating. Focus on your breath until the only though you hear in your mind is the sound of your inhale and exhale.

Ask the question that you need clarity or guidance on. The answer that is popping into your mind is your subconscious. It’s not telling you what you want to hear (which would be what your ego would be doing). Your subconscious mind is telling you what you need to hear (which is very different than want to hear).

I do this a lot even before you realized my gift of being a psychic and clairvoyant. I would think it was lucky or a coincidence that I got the answers I needed. Heck even today I was trying to figure out a technical issue for an upcoming webinar training and my guides gave me the answer.

A fun trick to do before you go to sleep. Ask a question business or life related before you fall asleep. Your subconscious mind takes over during sleep and you are more susceptible to receiving information. You can and will receive the answer when you wake up.

Try this a few times with different questions. You will be amazed at the results.

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