What’s it like to do a psychic reading?

One of the things I love about being a psychic/clairvoyant and clairsentient is I honestly have no idea what to expect when doing a reading. No clue. The best way to describe it would to ask you to imagine going to a movie theatre and having no idea as to the type of movie you are going to see. Drama, Comedy or action etc.. Its like flying blind without a flight plan. 

I go in and what comes thru is like magic. I focus on this persons energy and then I ask questions. For example one client I wanted to feel what she was feeling. So immediately I had trouble breathing. It felt like a panic attack. This is what being a clairsentient is like you literally feel what the person you are tapping into feels. So when I tell people I tapp in this is what it exactly is all about. When I spoke to this client her first comment was  “OMG I have been feeling like this for over a month” but ignoring it.  As I told her and I tell al my clients I have no medical training. If I am given that information there is a reason which is basically “go to your doctor”.  She did and it was a stress (aka panic attack). 

Bottom line is no two readings are alike. Frankly I surprise myself. I always say its like a phone call where you are not sure if they are going to pick up or even home. If you are familiar with the show “Hollywood Medium” that is how I do readings. I literally focus on the person’s who I am reading energy. I get information before we even get on the phone/skype and then when we actually talk I get more information thru the phone call.

What is most fun is when you get someone who is a bit skeptical like I did with a radio show back in December. I was focused on the host which was a guy and a gal. I kept thinking of the guy but the gal’s name kept popping in my head. So when I went live on the air I told him what I received. He was polite but honest and told me nothing resonated. This was supposed to be two 9 minute segments on the radio and ended up being 45 minutes on air. When we came back from commercial break he asked me “when you are doing a reading does it ever resonate with the person next to the one you are reading but not the person you are talking to?”. My response was yes in your situation I kept thinking about your cohost when I was focused on you her name kept popping up. 

He said “Exactly”!! This reading is all about her. As you were talking she was nodding her head in response because everything you said applied to her life.  Its great o make a non believer into a convert. Next he was asking me about a business deal he had coming up (what info I could share regarding this deal).

Psychic readings. Always interesting and never boring. 

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